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Adam Allison

Last Updated:  11/2/2014

Afterward   [revised}

Over one year after the events of A Friend In Need, Xena's spirit has moved on and Gabrielle is alone for the first time since joining the warrior princess. Confused and moving down the wrong path she finds enemies from the past closing in to use her for their own desires.

The Queen and the Goddess

Following the events of Afterwards, a powerful foe bent on vengeance leads Gabrielle back to the Greek Amazons. Still coming to terms with her actions of the past year and what it means to follow the Way of the Warrior she learns secrets from her past that may lead to a destiny she is not ready for and may not want. The warrior bard faces past fears and an uncertain future.

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Afterwards: Epilogue

My story of Gabrielle after the passing of Xena's spirit comes to a close with this short story. It may be a bit sappy. But I think it brings closure to my tale in an interesting and emotional way.

The Chosen Path

There are ertain aspects of Season 6 that always rubbed me the wrong way. So I have decided to write my own season 6 redux. Where I run with the ideas that maybe should have been used to better effec in season 6. Hope you enjoy.

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Duality of Hope and Dispair

Hercules has brought the rampage of the Warrior Princess to an end. Now Xena wants to move beyond the Sins of the Past. She wants to go home. But it is not so simple. In Poteidaia, Xena's anger causes a brash young girl to forsake any idea of following the warrior princess. And a powerful warlord takes advantage of Xena's foolish sentimentality to do as he pleases. Two minor alterations in their history causes the destiny of Xena and Gabrielle to be shattered with catastrophic results. But while one fate is denied, another far more malevolent one will be fulfilled. And the world will never be the same.

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