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A. K. Naten

Last Updated: 2/17/2008

2007 Hall of Fame
Story - Second Son

Love Thy Neighbor   ebook version available

How 'neighborly' can you get with people who live close to you, especially when you discover that what you think you know about them is wrong? A story about finding hope and love in unexpected people and places.

New Life   ebook version available

How many chances does a person get at a 'new life'? 'Period piece' set in the 1850's Oregon territory.

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Red Tide  [Academy Valentine 2008]

Second Son

A Medieval-era tale that follows the story of two people who are brought together under less than ideal circumstances, and must learn to adapt to each other, as well as their new lives. Deception, heartache, and twists of fate complicate feelings and alter futures, and relationships struggle between bouts of love and despair.

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Strike Out   ebook version available

A woman who is unlucky in love meets up with someone who could change her losing streak. Will they get a hit, or will they strike out?

Turning Tides   ebook version available

Love is rarely perfect... sometimes it seems impossible. A young woman leaves her troubled past, determined to start a new life in a new city. When she becomes hopelessly entangled with a domineering, emotionally embattled individual, she doesn't know if it's a dream come true, or her worst nightmare.

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Unspoken Question

"...They say that sometimes, 'a girl likes to be asked'. But I don't always find that to be true. Sometimes you don't need to ask. Sometimes you just can't. Sometimes, it's just best if it remains... unspoken... Or, is it?"