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Amanda Calkins

Last Updated:  9/10/2005

Just Like Jesse James   ebook version available

When Jesse James hears a rumor that her old flame is in a near by town she finds the love she has been searching for for six years has changed very dramatically, but then again so has she, the question now is, will it work?

Remembering Genevieve   ebook version available

Demetria Daniels, a hit country artist, goes in search for a brighter future for herself. On the way she finds old forgotten memories of a girl she'll always love. She also finds more than she expects in a woman who she never dreamed could love her.

Family Ties   ebook version available

Sequel to Remebering Genevieve. Genevieve and Demitria have a little baby girl, but in the middle of all there happiness something goes terribly wrong with Genevieve's mother.

You Looked At Me   ebook version available

A short story on love and life.