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Amber Andersen

Last Updated:  9/5/2005

Drifter   [Incomplete]

A woman, Alianna has been cursed by a sorceress to go through each reincarnation, remembering all of her lives clearly. She is slowly going insane, then she meets Rickie, a kind cashier.

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I Did Not Die   ebook version available

A young woman, Abbi Sheever, writes letters to a nameless individual as she stays in a mental institution, and remembers her relationship with her lover, Claire. "My eyes are grey, like stone, like endings."

Love Me   ebook version available

After Xena's death in 'A Friend In Need', she reflects on her first realization of her love for Gabrielle, and how she saved her village from pillaging warlords as a young eighteen year old. Uses quotes from 'Is There A Doctor In The House?' and assumes that Xena and Gabrielle are lovers, though the relationship is depicted in this vignette as rather subtextual.


Ode To Love

You Need To Know