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Last Updated:  9/3/2005

Forgotten Sister   ebook version available

Having stayed with Yakut and the Northern Tribe, Amarice finds a new life for herself. A tale to bring a completion to the unfinished story of the young Amazon.

I Try   ebook version available

Set before 'Ides of March', Ephiny finds her lover dead at the hands of Roman soldiers. A short vignette of loss and acceptance.

Love's Pyre   ebook version available

A 'by the fireside' story where Amarice reflects upon her feelings for the Warrior Princess.

New Angels   ebook version available

A short piece set that explores a missing scene in 'Fallen Angel' where an angel Callisto asks for Gabrielle's forgiveness.

Only You   ebook version available

In a subtle PWP, Xena submits to a stranger's passions.

Soon, So Far Away   ebook version available

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