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Angharad Governal

Last Updated:  9/17/2005

A Game Of Chess   ebook version available

Two people meet over a game of chess. Based on the medieval legend of Tristan and Isolde written by Beroul.

Hyacinth   ebook version available

A FIN related vignette. (vague, yes, but I don't how else to describe it.)

Languedoc   ebook version available

Libraries, nuns, manuscripts, and medievalists.

Little Gabby And The Moose   ebook version available

A photojournalist finds more than she bargains for in a forest. Written in verse.

And The Strange Morning   ebook version available

A vignette based on anima's "triptych" series.

Interlude   ebook version available

A short vignette highlighting an interlude between the warrior and bard.

Triptych Song

Lyrical musings on the ring arc from season 6.

Kiss Me Deadly   [Academy Pulp Fiction Contest]   ebook version available

Mel hires Janice to recover the stolen Xena scrolls and attempting to right the wrong that was done to their relationship

Metamorphosis   [Incomplete]

The Conqueror is getting ready to expand her empire outside the borders of Greece , but trouble, in the form of a small resistance group, aims to change her plans of conquest.

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Old classmates meet at a high school reunion.