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Anne Laughlin

Last Updated:  3/31/2006

House Shopping

Allison Mitchell runs a succesful Chicago real estate brokerage and leads a happy, full life. She didn't even know that anything was missing until the day Peg Ryan stopped in front of her office and walked into her life. The tall and gorgeous Peg has just moved to Chicago, unencumbered by anything but her dnagerous and mysterious past.

Past Tense, Future Perfect

In this sequel to House Shopping, Peg and Allison are together six months later, crazy in love, and talking about moving in together. An unexpected call brings Peg's past crashing into her present and Allison must fight to keep their new relationship from being destroyed as a result.

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Thursday Nights in Soho

A night of cruising in London's Soho district introduces Ryan to a new form of no strings sex. New to her, at least.