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Last Updated:  9/5/2005

The Actress   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

Robbie is a TV writer who has always adored the actress Jasper Villante. After getting nominated for an Emmy she is asked to write a treatment for a potential show. When she finally meets the actress, she wonders if she will ever satisfy the difficult woman.

Revised Version [Like Porcupines]   ebook version available

Holiday Havoc   [Holiday Havoc Challenge]   ebook version available

Sarah helps her date, Susan, out by taking her to visit her ailing grandmother whose house is is haunted.

Extended Version

Two To Tango, The Case Of The Manx Pigeon   [Academy Pulp Fiction]   ebook version available

A pulp fiction tale about a down-on-the-luck PI who solves a case with the help of her trusty secretary.

A Xena Stroll   [Academy Christmas Challenge]   ebook version available

An entry in the christmas challenge.