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Last Updated:  4/2/2010

Grappling with the Girl Next Door  [Incomplete]

Kirstin Hart is a filmmaker working in New York. Trying to move on from her tempestuous but closeted relationship with one of America's most well known anchors, she takes an unusual job in order to raise capital for her first feature. The journey turns out to be a hectic and challenging one for her in many respects. Facing a few of her demons she collides head on with her past, presented in the formidable form of Megan Rogers, someone who knows a thing or two about rocking peoples worlds. Is true love really unconditional? If so she has a hard choice to make, especially when someone is intent on fighting.

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We don't need 17 reasons' why Bette and Tina should get back together  L-Word

Antonia wrote this short story script before TiBette DID get back together as part of a larger campaign to the L Word script writing base. It received some great feedback, and who knows, perhaps it helped. It certainly didn't harm.