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Last Updated:  10/9/2005

Miriam And Ester   ebook version available

The title characters in 'Miriam And Esther' find each other in the most unlikely of places, a small Texas town called Cool Lake, and together they become the heart and soul of this likable romance. Miriam escapes the big city on a quest to regain her sanity after Dr. Grace, the "conductor of evil," emotionally destroys her. She makes a new life for herself in Cool Lake only to discover that just below the surface, the town hides a wicked secret of its own. Unlike Miriam, the challenge of self-employment and the hope of success brings Esther to Cool Lake, where she toils to expand on what she believes to be a good thing, twinkle lights and all. In the chapter titled "Yes ma'am. I sho does hope thay's fish fries in Heaven," romantic possibilities build for Miriam and Esther after an entertaining evening at the Starfish Inn and a little nudge from Maddy, an adorable match-maker who simply loves love.

'Miriam And Esther' is loaded with well-rounded adventure, taking the reader from the Ft. Worth Stockyards to Dallas' Lesbian Mecca, Cedar Springs, to the laid back atmosphere of Cool Lake, Texas. Moving easily from sinister deeds to country charm, this lively romance has something for everyone. Everyday life is portrayed by such colorful characters as Laverne, who's more country-fied than usual, having been born, bred, and corn fed in Cool Lake. And also by Sammye, Miriam's ex-girlfriend turned Good Samaritan, who comically challenges the lesbian cliché that fosters the claim: ex-lovers cannot be friends under any circumstances. Cool Lake is a charming place to be, an animated town where Miriam drives her Falcon down brick-lined streets to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and the Some Like It Hot coffee shop as described in the chapter titled "Chunky Chocolate Cappuccino." And where Franklin J. Curtis III finds himself in grave danger at the Smithey Bros. Funeral Parlour, in "Beyond This Pointe, Thar Be Dragons."

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