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Blythe Rippon

Last Updated:  6/15/2013

Barring Complications

It's an open secret that the newest Justice on the Supreme Court is a lesbian. So when the Court decides to hear a case about gay marriage, Justice Victoria Willoughby must learn to navigate the press, sway at least one of her conservative colleagues, and confront her own fraught feelings about coming out. Just when she decides she's up to the challenge, there's a shake up in the lawyers managing the case, and she learns that the no-nonsense, very brilliant, very out Genevieve Fornier will be arguing in front of her. For Genevieve, it's a toss-up which is keeping her awake at night more: the prospect of losing the case, or the thought of who will be sitting at the Bench when she argues it.

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Stowe Away   [Incomplete]

Samantha Latham has a brilliant mind, a ton of ambition, and a bit of an ego. After graduating from Yale, she enrolls in the M.D./Ph.D. program at Stanford, eager to embark on a bright future researching the differentiation potential of adult stem sells. When she receives a phone call about her mother from the Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, VT, her life turns upside down, and everything she thought she wanted suddenly seems so far away. Still, life in small town Vermont might just have its charms.

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