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Bobbie Stewart

Last Updated:  12/31/2007

Auspicious Beginning

Bacchus has been defeated and Xena and Gabrielle find themselves with some unexpected downtime while they wander the countryside. This allows one of them far too much time to think about the bite that transpired between them.

Candid Conversations

Gabrielle is upset at something. Its only been a few days since Xena took an arrow and was forced to stay with Darius and his children. And Xena wonders if maybe the young woman is upset at the choice she made or something else. So she does a very un-Xena-like thing and tries to talk to her about it.

Letting Go   [Incomplete]

Xena and Gabrielle have spent the past week in the Amazon village helping them rebuild after Valesca's rampage. Once everything begins to settle back to normal, they have a chance to talk about Xena's death, the kiss and more. And one of them will finally let go.

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With Vision Cleared

Xena and Gabrielle have only recently begun to travel together. A short blurb on what they're both thinking one night soon after Sins of the Past.