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The Triumverate Saga

The Beginning

This is the beginning. Our history as we were taught as children. We longed for new adventures and new treasures to find. What sort of treasures did we find? Did we find what we hoped for?

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Avalon   Revised

On a forgotten island, far to the north in the cold waters that border Russia is a kingdom that is ruled by a sovereign eager to form an alliance with an American President. This is her story as she prepares to leave home where many adventures await her. Read along as she tells her tale and finds an unexpected treasure.

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Bellona longed for a companion of her own. That is why she came to America. Will she be able to find someone? Will it be what she expected to find? Is she willing to learn to love and trust again?


An outcast, accused of something she did not do, she wanders the world until she comes upon someone that gives her more than food and shelter. Summoned to come back home, she becomes what the elders had foreseen many years ago. Now destiny can be fulfilled.

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The Triumverate

The scrolls in the archives record three islands inhabited by three separate groups of survivors. Is that the truth or was history altered? Alarica and Bellona set sail for Tutela Isle, the isle of the children of the devil to form a bond with their leader that will be forever recorded in history as the Great Triumvirate.

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Home Again

Her mother sent her away to teach her how to live among the common people. The eldest daughter is now living in a strange world far away from home. Will she ever be able to go back home? What will her time here on this strange world teach her?

With Truth Comes Pain

Olwyn Abernethy believes in her parents and what they tell her is the truth. She believes they are the only people she will ever need. Some may describe her personality as self-righteous, self-absorbed, and too self-confident.

The last day of finals, she wished to be separated from Robin, Pipperelle, and public school. Two of those wishes came true with the added bonus of spending time with the two people she values most. Her beliefs are turned upside down when she learns about a secret. A secret that will shatter her world.

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