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Last Updated:  9/10/2005

Measures Series   ebook version available

Desperate Measures

Mystery writer, Dru Warlord, finds out that researching an old murder case can be hazardous to her health and those she cares about. Kasey Lovett, a struggling proof reader meets the writer at a publishers' party. Her agent, Gregory Michael, needs Dru's latest book on his desk as soon as possible and feels she needs some help, and thus recruits Kasey to help the stoic writer. Sparks fly.

Extreme Measures

Needing a break, Dru Warlord and her friend, Kasey Lovett, accept an invitation to a writers' retreat. Iggy Pinkerton would be their hostess. No one suspects what would befall them. Another mystery unfolds for the writer and proof reader. Dru's phobia of closed in spaces would be tried to its limits. At the same time both women realize the depth of their feelings for each other.