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Last Updated:  11/15/2008

At Last   [Academy Halloween 2008]

The Family Curse   [Academy Halloween 2001]

A cute little Halloween tale about an afliction.

Hell On High Heels   [Academy Pulp Fiction Contest]   ebook version available

Pulp Fiction entry finds a woman lusting after a beauty... will they come together?

Why DoI Know You?   [Academy Halloween 2005]

Tense Series - with Carrie Carr   ebook version available

Past Tense

Set between Seasons 2 and 3, what happens when you finally achieve what you've been aching for? Xena and Gabrielle have been lovers for almost an entire year, but something seems to be missing for the Bard. Will they be able to move on, or will they move apart?

Present Tense

This series is a kind of filling in the blanks of the last few seasons of XWP. An excellent read of how Gabrielle finds her way back to her warrior.

Future Tense

A feel good ending to the series...or is it the end?