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C.E. Gray

Last Updated:  9/18/2005

Taken   ebook version available

The story of Samantha Martin, a rancher with a big heart, and her long-time best friend McKayla Farr, a bank teller who has a nose for trouble. When an accident brings them closer, their feelings turn to something more. Yet another disaester arises - will the women's relationship make it through? When their relationship is revealed to nearly all of Utah, it brings mixed reactions from friends and family. Confrontations with parents are unavoidable, but what will Sam do when an angry ex-boyfriend goes too far?

Kayla helps Sam solved the problem created by Aaron, and things are normal for a while. Until Hank makes his appearance - will Kayla fall for his charms? As if that wasn't enough, Sam's knee begins giving her trouble. After an attempt to exercise the joint fails, the rancher is left even more injured than she began, and with a predator on her trail.

With the help of Luke, Sam's brother, Kayla convinces an injured Sam to go to the doctor. When x-rays reveal that the pain in her knee is caused by her wound recieved in the line of duty so many years ago, the rancher agrees to surgery. While Sam is recuperating, Kayla takes care of Amy, after the girl's secret is out - to her parents. Christmas approaches, and the counselor becomes suspicious of Sam's actions; staying out later, lying, and smelling of men's cologne. The morning after a bad fight, Sam must find a way to get Kayla to forgive her, before their love is lost forever.

In the sweet conclusion, the rancher does whatever it takes to be forgiven, and the girls go all out for Christmas. But, the best gift is yet to come...

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