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Christine McIlroy

Last Updated:  8/10/2013

A Change of Heart

Xena and Gabrielle are caught up in a Goddess' evil ploy to get back to Olympus. Evil Goddess of Mischief Ate has used Gabrielles own thoughts against her and our two heroines need to find a way to put it right, all while protecting an innocent village from a fearsome Warlord.


First Kiss

Her Hands

The Xena Following

Hera has been ripped from the spirit world to prevent her sister (and part-time husband stealer) from wreaking havoc on the known world. Demeter is playing un-holy tricks on nature and only Hera and two unlikely allies can stop her. Xena and Gabrielle once again find themselves pitted against the purest evil to protect the world, and this time they are going to need some help.