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Crystal Mills

Last Updated:  1/16/2007

The Cause of Rage

With Solstice and Xena’s birthday on the way, Xena and Gabrielle are both excited to make it to Amphipolis to spend the time with the warrior’s family. After everything works out wonderfully in the duo’s lives, terror strikes, only because of a mishap of the God of War and his sword. Will these events ruin the perfect Solstice?

A Dozen Roses

Just Another Bacchae

A bacchae tells his story of love. Falling in love with a certain blonde bard that is. And how he copes, knowing that he’ll never be able to have her in that way, and the lessons he learned while holding her captive.

All's Loopy That Starts Loopy

The bard and warrior are on a short break in the Amazon Village... signing treaties. After purchasing a new wine, and having a big party, the Amazons soon find themselves with an... unusual problem, and a future threat that could destroy the Amazon Nation.