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Last Updated:  9/3/2009

Sex, Death and Rock'n'Roll [complete]

Kristen Cutler is the drummer for the internationally known rock band Scarecrow, that she and her younger brother Rick and niece/surrogate sister Tony formed. She is totally dedicated to the music and the fans. Living in a career-imposed closet, her family is very much, 'don't ask, don't tell.' Her overly conservative parents having disowned her years before, she ended up living with her oldest brother and his wife. Suddenly everything is going wrong on this tour. Accidents, people getting hurt, concert dates getting canceled, people dying. This has to be the most jinxed tour in history. In the midst of all of this, Kristen finds herself falling in love. Given her disastrous track record with relationships, she thought this was out of the realm of possibilities. But in order to truly let this woman in, she's going to have to divulge her secret - will she be able to trust her lover not to go to the media with it? It seems that Kristen isn't the only one with secrets - one of them could get you killed.

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