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Last Updated:  7/14/2006

The Day Lucy Broke Down   ebook version available

A light hearted romance. It seems that it's on the day that Lucy broke down that Kelly's love-life gets a jump start.

Love Struck   ebook version available

This sequel to The Day Lucy Broke Down picks up about four months after the original story. When Mach broke into a boat on a dare, spending the next five days with her ex-girlfriend was the last thing she had expected. Will they survive this journey together, or would they end up at each other's throats?

Little Black Book

Lyrical Ballads: Hero   ebook version available

How do you react when someone you barely know asks you to leave everything behind? If you take a chance in life, would it all work out one way or the other?

Lyrical Ballads: Eyes On Me   ebook version available

In the sequel to Hero, let's face it: life outside the world of fiction sucks. So, when struggling writer, Chase, tries to make something out of her lot, she wasn't expecting to go very far. Then, at a place she least expects, she finds her inspiration.

A Place Called Home   ebook version available

Starring Felicity Mitchell and Rei Conrad, this is a tale about a girl who left her hometown to get away from the memory of her recently deceased parents. Along the way, she meets and finds a friend in a college professor and discovers that sometimes, running away gets you closer to the one thing that you're trying to get away from initially.

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Whirlwind  [Incomplete]

How much do we change, really? can change be measured by time or the distance that we have travelled? what happens, then, when we meet an old love from an old life? can we ever change enough to not let it matter anymore?

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