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Dava Gamble

Last Updated:  12/23/2013

Silver Journeys

Laura Ravencouer and Amanda Bennett - beautiful, intelligent, wanton, iron willed, deadly, magic. These women return from Naofa to battle the Evil Ones yet again, loving each other and themselves as they work to transform the wills of their beloved earthlings. Journey with them and all their holy priests and priestesses as their destinies take them to mounting risk, growing danger, selfless sacrifice, and an outcome directed by the ancients in the quest to protect Mother, her domain, and the ultimate reunion of the universe.

Silver Cusp

Amanda Bennett and Laura Ravencouer- battle weary but victorious once again over the Evil Ones of Olc. With the blessings and aid of the priests, priestesses, and all the ancients from Naofa, their beloved Mother and her cherished earthlings begin the tasks of building their futures. For a measure of earth time, their external battles are over, their internal battles loom, as the ancients direct them to the Cusp of their lives together. Destinies will be followed.

Silver Destinies

Amanda Bennett and Laura Ravencouer Beloved as earthlings, revered as ancient priestesses. Called by Naofa and joined by lovers, sisters, brothers, ancients, and holy ones to battle the evil from Olc once again, Destinies guide them to the ultimate will of the galaxies.