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Last Updated:  9/14/2005

Kiss Of Death   [Academy Pulp Fiction contest]

A mechanic runs into a blonde running away from a loveless marriage, or is she?

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Bad Girls


The King's Court

Love On The Line

School Days

Three Of Hearts

Time and Time Again

So Close, So Far

Have you ever imagined being rich and famous? Being crowded by fans and loved all around the world? Well, Jay and Jennifer have and they made it. It's the story of the successful music duo, 'Double J'. Best friends in the spotlight. They knew each other better than anyone, the best of friends but people change and so do feelings. What will happen to the duo when they discover their feelings for each other changed? When they realize that what they want is so close yet so far?

Through Thick and Thin

The sequel to So Close, So Far.

Strange Circumstances

An Über PWP with a plot...