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Last Updated:  9/16/2005

1001 Armageddon Nights   [Incomplete]

Whatever happened to the alternate universe Gabrielle from the Hercules episode Armageddon Now part 2? Did she die on the cross or was she thrown into the Empress Xena's royal harem?

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Ancient Amazon Secret ebook version available

A short Star Wars/X:WP crossover PWP story. It would probably fit best with conqueror stuff.

The Black Jar ebook version available

This is a post FIN fiction (which I swore I would never do), can't say too much without giving it away as it is so short. A 'what if' story. It won't depress you, I don't think. No more subtext than the show.

The Last Hunt

Xena finds a racy scroll that Gab has written, detailing her fantasy about being kidnapped by two warrior women.

Xena: Goddess of War ebook version available

Perdicus unexpectedly returns to Gabrielle from war, for a wedding night of passion. But is it really Perdicus?