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Emily Duncan

Last Updated:  9/14/2005


Ponderings of a writer

First Light

Nia is the manager of Fire and Ice, a bar in the centre of Manchester, England, and is finding the shady undercurrents that come with her job a little too much to handle. Into her life walks Jake, a dark, imposing figure who seems to promise her the protection she needs, and perhaps a great deal more. But Nia is to find out that things aren't always the way they appear.

A Hallmark Moment?   [Academy Valentine 2003]   ebook version available

A poem about all the exquisitely glorious nuances of love.

Letter To America   ebook version available

A rather dark piece that focuses on the feelings of a woman imprisoned in a refugee camp at a time of war. Warning - the imagery and language used, and the emotions expressed, are not pretty.

A Meditation

Some thoughts.

Valentine   [Academy Valentines 2004]