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Emily Mills

Last Updated:  9/26/2005

Warrior... Princess... Housewife

The ubers of Xena and Gabrielle are alive and (mostly) well even in the age of Elvis. A fiery young blonde turns a complacent housewife's life upside-down and the rest of the world will surely never be the same.

Auset And Reese Series   ebook version available

Rising Into Consciousness

Fate, destiny, whatever. A chance meeting between two very different people; Auset (a college drop-out, ex-juvie inmate, and hacker) and Reese the student/writer; leads them down a very unexpected path. All sorts of mayhem ensues as Auset's shady past catches up with her, and the two have to get through it all together - all the while struggling to form a very strong friendship.

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As Auset goes off on a job that she's pretty sure means trouble, she reflects on a time in her past that was less-than pleasant and helped send her on her current path. Reese, left in Auset's apartment alone, gets a call from her brother about some very distressing news and has to go back home to deal with it. Trouble lies ahead for both of them, but in the end, the goal is for them to come out on top of it all together. Easier said than done... The sequel to Rising Into Consciousness.

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Uber Gals And The Mystery Of The Hen's Bane

This short story is a sequel of sorts to the stories Rising Into Consciousness and Duality. It is advisable to read them first. Auset and Reese are faced with a rather perplexing mystery, as dead chickens begin to appear on Auset's front door step. As the usual suspects are all locked up, the question remains, who's doing it and why? Follow our gals on a silly little romp to unravel the mystery all while struggling to spend some quality time with one another.