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Last Updated:  9/16/2005

Curves   ebook version available

Curves, what are they all about?

The Darkroom   ebook version available

Proof that anything can develop in a darkroom.

The Feast   ebook version available

This is not a story of a Thanksgivings day feast. But it is a feast. Lots of kink. Enjoy!

The Girl And Her Gift By Flame - with Dani, Slick, Spawn and Princess

What would you do if you received a mysterious toy in the mail? What? Nothing exciting like that ever happens to you? Me either. *sigh* But it happened to Angel Dupree and her life was never the same again...

Glow Sticks And Jelly Beans - with Professor   ebook version available

Sylvia and Gretchen... what one day can do in their lives?

Wrist Alarms And Baby Corn   ebook version available

Happy Anniversary - with Okie   ebook version available

Join Abby and Lucinda as they celebrate a special anniversary with a very special surprise. PWP.

The Key   ebook version available

Waking up can be a pleasure.

The Library

A small story about the library...with some unusual studying going on.

The Music   ebook version available

Life is to be listened to and lived thoroughly.

Pizza & Wine   ebook version available

Nothing like cold pizza and wine.

Thirteen   [Incomplete]   ebook version available

Where does thirteen lead us?

Part 1  Part 2