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Fern Driscoll

Last Updated:  9/16/2005

Fred And Ethel's First Christmas   [Academy Solstice 2004]

Garden Of Earthly Delights   [Incomplete]

Kate's had enough of the world for a while. After retiring (at age 30) from the stockbrokering game mere weeks before the debacle, she's returned to her roots in tiny Hellman's Corner, in southern Maryland. She wishes nothing more than to whip her neglected garden and home into shape, and maybe do a few deals with the local real estate developers. Fate, however, plops a city girl right in her front yard, and she has the darndest time getting her out of it.

Cameron's on her way to big things in a competitive business. She's finally got a chance to do some actual (as opposed to virtual) reporting. But two weeks into her new job, she comes to a screeching halt, ending up with a totaled truck, a broken leg, and a big interview that got derailed - on purpose? Along the way, she also finds herself in no hurry to leave "the land of pleasant living", and the company of a tall, reclusive gardener.

Nobody shoves Cam off the road without her asking a lot of questions. Cam, and her reluctant sidekick Kate, try to find out why she was sideswiped, and why the commander at Pax River is suddenly unavailable for her interview.

As the plot thickens, the gals find that the Pax River Air Fighter Squadron, charged with protecting the skies over Washington and New York in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, may be in need of protection from within their own ranks.

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