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Last Updated:  6/7/2011

The Muse

The woman is dressed in a full dark mink, left carelessly unbuttoned all the way down, and she cannot help but notice from the corner of her eye that, other than a black leather harness studded with polished silver rivets that hangs snugly around boyish hips, the woman wears nothing else underneath the great coat, except for a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels.

Mercury Calling

I blush as our hands touch, her long, lithe fingers lingering longer than they should and I remember another woman from another time. I wonder if she remembers me the same way; wet, needy, and naked underneath her.

The Secret Life of Annabelle Lee  [removed by request of author]

When Johnson had told her he had invited someone special tonight she had thought nothing of it, after all Annabelle told herself she had nothing against hired guests, they were a necessary evil serving to provide some additional eye candy for the evening. But why the Hell did it have to be Cristobel Ong and why the Hell didn't anyone tell her. They had to know that she had a crush on Chris for the longest of time. Brucie knew, Jack knew, even Johnny, Paul, and Charlie knew. Hell everyone whose number was stored in her hand phone knew.

The Secret Life of Brother and Sister   Revised

"A kiss," the witch hissed in his head, her mouth a useless puckered wound stitched tight so she could not curse the kin of him who doomed her to all eternity in her watery prison. "A kiss from your sister.

The Secret Life of Fables   Revised

Wrapped in a skin of fur, we are together a long time on the floor. She holds me tight and close, whimpering as our bodies quiver and strain for release. I know you're heard the stories, but the truth isn't what you think. This is the fairy tale that the Brothers Grimm never dared tell.

The Secret Life of Sleepers

Paula Irving turns and spots Luc Hager amongst the restless mob of bodies straining against each other in the half-light and smiles when their eyes meet. 'A fallen angle,' Paula muses as she pauses to take a long, deep drag of hallucinogenic smoke into her weary lungs. 'One of my tribe, lost to paradise, but what of it. Paradise is all the poorer without us.'