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Last Updated:  6/21/2011

Why You Need a Plan

When Xena rides up, on her motorcycle, and disrupts Gabrielle's class, on test day, the warrior quickly finds out it's going to take more than plan alpha, to get her out of trouble, this time.

Bodies Change, Love Never Dies

Xena gets called to the hospital, for an emergency, and while Gabrielle bides her time, in the waiting room, she meets a couple who reminds her that age has nothing to do with sex, sassiness, loyalty or love.

Test of Faith

When Gabrielle decides to take a professorship, at a university, over seventy miles away, she discovers her dream job isn't all it's cracked up to be, as life apart from Xena begins to take on a whole new meaning, and the distance between them grows ever greater, the closer the upcoming semester draws near, tearing at her heart and testing her faith in the woman she loves.

Saving Grace

After a motorcycle accident lands Xena's body in a coma and her soul in limbo, she is forced to stand helplessly by, as an extended bedside vigil, by her family and friends, begins to take its toll on the people she loves the most.

Brain Damaged and Loving It

On the mend, but with an arm and a leg still in a cast, Xena's still stuck with life being cooped up in a hospital bed. Until, she and Gabrielle hatch a scheme to to get her home and mobile sooner than expected.

The Reunion

While attending a reunion, of Gabrielle side of the family, warrior and bard find out one of their relatives is much more closely related than they could have ever imagined.

Palomino Heart

Completely recovered from the accident, Xena sets about getting her beloved motorcycle back on two wheels, as well, and, in the process, sends Gabrielle down memory lane, to their childhood, and love and sacrifice it took to bring the Palomino Heart, to life, the first time.