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Gabriela Viseur

Last Updated:  6/30/2014

Kanduri's fate

This is one of three stories inspired by the archeological excavations in the tomb of the Lady of Cao, in Peru. Kanduri, a servant of the late Moche Queen, will be sacrificed in the Lady´s funeral and she remembers the most important moments of her life.

The Jaguar's Skin

Here, the Moche Queen narrates to her daughter how she earned the highest rank among the warriors and received the tattoos.

The Gift of the Healer

In this case, the inspiration was a scene portrayed in a pottery vase: a veiled woman with a child in her arms giving it to another woman. So, I came up with this tale about the Healer who saves the life of the Moche Queen's little daughter you can read here.

Tristan and Isolde

Sir Tristan has a mission: escort Princess Isolde from Ireland to Cornwall. Once there, she will marry King Marke, Tristan´s uncle. But this is not as easy as it seems: the Knight and the Princess drink by mistake a love potion and then remember who they were in their past life. What will the couple do, and what will happen to them?

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In a far Corner of the Rainforest

Akiko, an anthropologist from Sao Paulo, goes to the Amazonian Rainforest to study a matriarchal tribe unknown to science and the outside world, the Kawapore. She is well received by the chieftain, Iviruti. Together, they fight to disrupt the plans of Efigênia, a greedy landowner who intends to kill the Kawapore and cut down the forest to use the land to raise cattle. Will the growing friendship between them last, or will it turn into a more powerful feeling…?

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