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Heike Freudenmann

Last Updated:  9/17/2005

An Innocent Heart - with G. S. Binkley

'An Innocent Heart' is about a woman's disillusioned quest for love. After giving her heart to another ten years earlier, Robin Hart decided to shun love forever. But an unexpected reunion with an old friend tests her resolve and gives hope to the beautiful Kim Patakas who has troubles of her own. When Robin intercedes between Kim and her boyfriend, the young woman tries one more time to find the key to her true love’s heart. Both Robin and Kim have to search within, melting away the layers of insecurities and doubts that they will only be able to do with each other as they pursue their own quest for love.

Murder At Bardcon - Chicago - with G. S. Binkley

Murder at Bardcon is filled with deception, intrigue, jealousy, murder and sex played out in the high stakes arena of the ultimate fandom as writers and fans converge at the Bard's convention in Chicago. While Cale confronts her haunting past and Lindsey faces her own secret desires, they find love in the midst of all the mayhem.

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