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Helen Smith

Last Updated:  10/9/2005

Ariel And Quinn Series

Hunting Season   ebook version available

North America, 2050. Ariel Pedersen, controversial prize winning author, has survived one assassination attempt, thanks to her lover, security consultant Quinn Thanatos. But in a world where guns have proliferated, public executions are commonplace and Christianity has migrated far afield from what it's founder intended, writers who speak their minds on thorny issues must be prepared to pay the price. Someone wants Ariel dead, and Quinn is determined to catch the would-be killer before the unthinkable happens.

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Family Values

The year is 2050, a little over a month after the events of Hunting Season. Quinn and Ariel, ably assisted by the staff of Thanatos Security, set out to learn the fate of Ariel's niece, missing and presumed dead at the hands of a serial killer, who just may be her brother, Scott. Join the hunt, through strip joints, cafes, churches and bars, as they painstakingly assemble evidence that leads unerringly to a murderer.

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Perfect Gift

Set the universe of Quinn Thanatos and Ariel Pederson, it follows Family Values and takes place about three months after that one ends. You can read, and I hope, enjoy this one without reading the two previous ones (Hunting Season and Family Values), but you'll get more out of this if you do.