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Last Updated:  11/19/2005

But We Are Cheerleaders!

This is a short story based on a recent news story about two cheerleaders in a bathroom. These are my imaginary cheerleaders only.

Conori's Rise

When her Queen dies under mysterious circumstances, placing her immoral Second in command, Conori must decide to challenge her rule. Obstacles include fellow Amazons and an evil Shaman. With her loyal friend Teneis, and beloved Cylene, she confronts potential death for her Tribe's future.

Jayne's Song

Rescued from Slave Traders at 17 turns, Janye enters the Amazon world of Forest Tribe. Saved by Queen Conori, she falls in love and becomes a Forest Tribe Healer. When Forest and Sea Tribes unite to fight invasion, she finds herself torn between two women, and facing the fear of death herself.

Tara's Reign

An escaped slave seeking a world without men, Chyrese bravely leads her friends to Forest Tribe. She brings word of imminent peril, and joins to fight against it. Not seeking any romance, she finds herself drawn to Tara's Second Elonia, a shy warrior devoted to her Tribe. Their happiness is threatened by her former master, a ruthless Senator who wishes to kill or enslave all Amazons.

Danon's Rescue

s Danon languishes in prison, the Amazons launch a rescue mission. Things go horribly wrong - putting Tara in Senator Ropel's vengeful hands. Will a desperate second attempt be successful?