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JA Bard

Last Updated:  8/25/2008

Galaxy Dancer

Lonnie Bestrolie had been entertaining passengers on the galactic cruise liners for 19 years. and she enjoyed it. By keeping a tight control of her privacy, she avoided stardom and unwanted publicity. So why on her 20th year, would she accept a deal to end her contract two years early just to nursemaid a fallen diva?

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The Hunters   [Incomplete]

This is scifi and is related to Xena and Gabrielle in that women are the main characters.

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Journey Through Shadowland

Road Show   [Incomplete]

Xena and Gabrielle are in route to meet up with Hercules and Iolaus after receiving an urgent message from him, when circumstances force them to split up. What ensues is an engaging tale about past lives, journeys and tasks to be completed in order to satisfy the past and maintain the future. The journey will lead both Xena and Gabrielle into a great danger and bring them together like never before.

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