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Jane Fletcher

Last Updated:  11/4/2005

Amphipolisly Frivolous   [Academy Must-Xe TV Challenge 2003]   **  winner  **

The Leap   ebook version available

Rowena, Earl of Northwold, was not having a good day. The Queen's impossible demands were bringing civil war ever closer. It was Rowena's intention to keep Northwold out of it for as long as possible, however events were working against her. The last thing she needed was for the Queen's marshal to appear, bringing a prisoner who would stir up old memories and bring new problems.

Lorimal's Chalice   ebook version available

The quest for the stolen chalice is just a sham - an excuse to get rid of Tevi, and save her clan further embarrassment. She finds the outside world a dangerous and confusing place, especially once her arrival triggers a chain of events she has no control over. Monsters, sorcerers, murder and a long hidden secret all await her. If this isn't enough, Tevi will have to overcome her own inner demons and figure out exactly what she wants from life.

The Moment   [Academy Valentine 2005]

Never Leave Me   [Academy Halloween 2004]

The Queen Of Magpies   ebook version available

A vengeful King, an inane Princess, several sullen guards and a priceless statue - just another day's work for the most famous thief in the world.

A Thief's Revenge   ebook version available

As the most famous thief in the world, Corrine has stolen all sorts of things, for all sorts of reasons. This time she's doing it to avenge the wrong done to an old friend. But as she is about to find out, there are some things even she cannot steal.

The Golden Dove   ebook version available

Harrenwick is such an impoverished dump. It seems impossible that the town could contain anything worth stealing. However, when an attractive damsel in distress calls on Corrine's help to steal the valuable Golden Dove, how can she refuse?

The Grave Robber   ebook version available

Corrine doesn't believe in ghosts. So what problem could there be with retrieving a box of treasure from a crypt?

Widowmaker   [Academy Halloween 2005]

The Wrong Trail Knife   [removed due to publication]

Summary: 'Chip' Coppelli's smile is usually the first thing anyone notices about her. Chip thinks she has a lot to smile about, having escaped her family's coercive plots. However, being a sergeant in an elite ranger squadron, fighting thugs and savage predators, is not a safe occupation. After nine years in the rangers Chip has learnt how to spot trouble coming which is exactly what she recognizes the first time she sets eyes on the new recruit to her patrol. But, even so, Chip wasn't expecting murder.