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Janet Lynne

Last Updated:  9/25/2005

Phoenix Rising   [Incomplete - Removed at Author's Request]

Tough, jaded space cargo pilot Devon Andropoulos meets her match in Dr. Kara Murphy, and they discover that they share a deep bond. Together, they set off on a journey of adventure, exploration and love. Set in the mid 22nd century.

Ryan And Janna Series

The Homecoming [Removed - Published]

A violent attack brings together Janna Norden, a rock musician-turned photographer and Ryan Zamora, a tough Cop. Though as different as night and day, light and dark, these two women discover and rekindle a timeless love and a bond that has existed throughout the ages. A romantic story of emotional and spiritual awakening.

The Challenge [Removed - Published]

In this sequel to The Homecoming, Ryan and Janna, cop and photographer, continue their journey of romantic and spiritual awakening, and begin a family together, but find their love and their unique bond threatened by a serious incident. This story contains explicit descriptions of loving, consensual sex between two women, and depictions of violence. It contains elements of hurt/comfort as well.

The Journey [Removed - Published]   ebook version available

In this story, a sequel to The Homecoming and The Challenge, Ryan and Janna continue their romantic and spiritual journey together and face the joys and pitfalls of parenthood while dealing with career changes. Janna returns to her rock and roll roots while Ryan tries to settle into an important promotion on the police force.