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Last Updated:  9/20/2005

Another Day In The Life   ebook version available

What happens when a grouchy Warrior Princess with insomnia and her long suffering sidekick stumble across some alternative XWP fanfic? Set after the end of season five.

A Return To Form - with Silent Dee

This story covers the tail-end of 'A Friend In Need' and the six months that follow, as The Battlin' Bard and the late Warrior Princess get out of Japan and find themselves in more trouble in the Land of The Pharaohs...

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You, Me & The Tripolis Militia

A sequel to A Return To Form, Xena and Gabrielle make their way back to Amphipolis to lay Xena's ashes to rest. Will Gabrielle ever let go of the urn? Was Cyrene really a witch? Will Aphrodite ever stop crying?

What Lucy Did Next

Lucifer plans his escape from Hell and his revenge on Xena, but things don't quite go according to plan...