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Jennifer Jackson

Last Updated:  6/26/2012

Memory Hunter   [Academy Bard Solstice Challenge 26]

Memory Hunters   [Incomplete]

Ariel volunteers to help those affected by natural disasters all over the world. While an experienced volunteer, she has never had to surmount so many difficulties while assisting Japanese tsunami survivors. Sexism, ageism, and cultural discrimination nearly derail her efforts. But, one non-traditionalist young woman helps to make her mission successful. Yet, with the loss of her marriage and a tragedy that takes the life of a close friend, Ariel is left to wonder if it was all worth it in the end. This is a story of one soul who travels the globe in search of the reason for her existence.

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Haley is unhappy with the way her life is going and decides to make some major changes. She vows to eat healthier, get more exercise, and meet new people. However, when she runs into a fumbling, accident-magnet, she begins to rethink the whole "meeting new people" thing. Fortunately for her, the accident-magnet is as persistent as they come.