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Last Updated:  9/20/2005

Blue Oblivion   ebook version available

It's uber, it's alt, and it's not for the kiddies on account of the violence. The gist: A singer and a gangster's sister start an unlikely romance admist dark pasts, unpromised futures, family vendettas and the crimes of youth.

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A Rose In Blue   ebook version available

It's the sequel to Blue Oblivion. Same deal on the ratings and all that. We find Blue and Conner making an attempt live an love outside the reach of mob rule. Good intentions are cast to the side as our girls find themselves caught between people with scores to settle and people that don't appreciate progress.

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Practical Lies   ebook version available

I'll rate this one with a BIG FAT R, pushing NC-17. It's a little raunchy in some places. Anyway, the gist: A smart-mouthed mob enforcer gets stuck with the job of babysitting a so-called politicians' cocky daughter and winds caught in the middle of a government conspiracy and the worst four days her personal history.

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Vampire Hunter Series   ebook version available

Hunting Clarion

It's an uber and it's R-rated on account of the blood and bad words. The gist...well it's a little too complicated to just say a Vampire Hunter and a Vampire meet up and butt heads, so I suggest just reading it. ;) By the by, this is just book I, there is a book 2 which is still incomplete.

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Return Of The Prodigal

Our unlikely duo of Hunter and Vampire are on the lam and on the search for a certain Master with special plans for the human race. As always a little love and romance, some fearsome fighting, and lots of help from things that go bump in the night.

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