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JS Connolly

Last Updated:  9/12/2005

One Day The Heavens Opened And Sent Me An Angel   ebook version available

This is the story of Riley, a security guard, who's heart aches for the love she has yet to find, and Cass, a new truck driver who may be the answer to her prayers.

Our Love Is Written On The Wind   ebook version available

Cass and Riley have been together for two years and as Valentine's Day approaches Riley has a gift for Cass that will change both of their lives. Sequel to One Day The Heavens Opened And Sent Me An Angel.

Opening Doors   [Incomplete]

Tanner is a beautiful and successful lawyer whose life changed years ago when her wife and child were killed in an accident. Meg is her faithful and devoted assistant, and has been in love with Tanner for years. Can she get her to open her heart again or is it too late?

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