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Jules Kurre

Last Updated:  11/13/2005

Bar Girls   ebook version available

Keagan Donovan is a taciturn, brooding English major. Keeping her emotions under control has always been second nature to her until one evening when the aspiring writer meets fellow English major Rudy in the local bar. The two students find that they have a great deal in common and begin spending time together, but Keagan's insecurities keep them at arm's length. Will Rudy have the patience to deal with Keagan's inconsistent behavior?

The Guardian

In this sequel to Bar Girls, Keagan and Rudy are co-workers at Tandem Publishing, but it becomes apparent that Keagan isn't cut out to be an editor. Will she finally reveal the truth to Rudy about why she quit writing or will their relationship fall prey to time, deceit, and Keagan's own insecurities?

Hunt Safely   ebook version available

A vacationing hunter encounters a new type of prey.

Meaningful Encounter   ebook version available

Can a chance meeting change everything?