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J. W. Heart

Last Updated:  9/18/2005

Colliding Edges   [Incomplete]   ebook version available

When, blue meets green... When privilege meets pauper... When the heart meets the soul... That's when Edges Collide. This is part One of what will be an ongoing series...

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Imagery   ebook version available

A short, very short, piece of hopefully artistic PWP. You have two women, a storm and toss in a couple of gods and there you have it.

Trace And Shannon Series

Summer Of Need   ebook version available

The need for a summer job leads Trace home. What she finds will alter two lives. What she loses may change her forever.

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch   ebook version available

After four years Trace returns home. The sequel to Summer Of Need.

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The Winter Of Discontent   ebook version available

This is the 3rd in the Trace and Shannon series. I suggest that to fully comprehend what's happening here, you might want to read Summer Of Need and Meanwhile Back At The Ranch. Be Warned! strong holiday themes ahead. Altercations with vicious elves and children in the thrall of Santa's arrival make for some pretty ugly scenes.

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The Last Hurrah   ebook version available

Well after a long wait its finally here, the 4th and last installment to the Trace and Shannon series. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in to hear about Trace and her friends as well as a few new additions to the "family". This is the final part of a series and follows Winter of Discontent.