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Kate Kane

Last Updated:  10/4/2010

Another Kind of Quest   [Incomplete]

This story takes place immediately after Destiny and The Quest (2.12 and 2.13). A lthough Xena has been brought back to life, Gabrielle is haunted by what happened and unable to sleep, until Xena comforts her. As the trauma slowly subsides, other emotions previously undealt with begin to surface... First time story, and then some. This is part 1 of a story, but it can also be read independantly.

Part 1  Part 2 

Girls Wanna Have More Fun

Gabrielle's encounter with the vampire-like bacchaes and in particular her encounter with Xena's exquisite neck has made her reconsider the nature of their relationship. She is starting to realise what she wants - but will she ever get her point across to the oblivious warrior princess...?