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Kay Bowring

Last Updated:  2/22/2011

The Circle of Friends   [Academy Personals 2008]

Her First Bow   [Incomplete]

This original romantic detective novel entitled Her First Bow is set in London in the 1920's and features two main characters who are original, but at the same time will ring a bell for many readers. Is there a malevolent mind behind the trail of blood, murder and mayhem that follows them through their adventures and if so, who is it? Will this bring our two heroines together or force them apart?

Prologue  Part 1 

The Mirror of Urartu

Reading through their cache of scrolls after the dig in Macedonia in '40, Mel translates the story of Gabrielle's confusion following Perdicus's death. Now that her best friend inhabits the body of her worst enemy, Gabrielle is unsure what to do. In a far flung part of the Roman empire, Gabrielle discovers the powerful mirror of Urartu in the ruins of an ancient city. Is the story in scroll enought to make Mel & Janice chance the unsure fortunes of war, and try and find the mysterious mirror?

Once More Around the Dance Floor   [Academy Valentines 2011]

A Strange Christmas Angel

Callisto is given the chance to earn her angel’s wings, under the tutelage of Clarence the Angel. Her task is to reunite two soulmates who risk missing each other in this lifetime, even though they live in the same city and cross paths every day. Ares, however, is still the god of War, and he has other ideas..

Tears Like Pearls   [Academy Bard Challenge 24]