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K. C. Kirkwood

Last Updated:  9/21/2005

Women On The Rebound   [Incomplete]

Alex Harrison-Reider has a pretty cynical outlook on life. Forced into a loveless marriage, she adopts the role of a somewhat unconventional housewife, solely devoted to being a thorn in her husband's side. Richard, unable to tolerate his wife's infuriating antics, devises a supposedly cunning plan to sanction her. Unfortunately for him, being institutionalised does nothing to placate the headstrong Alex and only serves to hone her rebellious streak. Pushed to the edge and seeking escapism, Richard immerses himself in his thriving business and resorts to hiring a 'baby-sitter' for his wayward wife. While the cat's away, the mice will play, but taming a wary Alex is no easy task. Has the enigmatic Kerry Chapman, still reeling from an earlier ordeal, found an unlikely ally? Or does Alex possess the power to destroy her completely?

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