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Kelly Aten

Last Updated:  10/07/2016

The End Of Our Beginning

Uber first time fanfic. Two women meet in a laundromat and feel a connection.

Ante Mortem Series

The Fletcher

Kyri is a fletcher, following in the footsteps of her father, and his father before him. However, fate is a fickle mistress, and six years after the death of her mother, she's faced with the fact that her father is dying as well. Forced to leave her sheltered little homestead in the woods, Kyri discovers that there is more to life than just hunting and making master quality arrows. During her journey to find a new home and happiness, she struggles with the path that seems to take her away from the quiet life of a fletcher. She learns that sometimes the hardest part of growing up is reconciling who we were, with who we will become.

The Archer

This is the second book of the Ante Mortem series and the sequel to: The Fletcher (Ante Mortem: book 1) What happens when life takes you down a path you never expected? How much do you change, or allow yourself to be changed to survive? Kyri was raised a fletcher but after finding a new home and family with the Telequire amazons, she discovers a need to do more and to be more. She has skills that the tribe desperately needs and she is called to action to protect those around her. But her path is ever changing, even as she finds herself changed by love and loyalty. In the end she has to decide what to sacrifice and who to become in order to get back to all that she has loved and lost.

The Sagitarius

This is the third book of the Ante Mortem series and the sequel to: The Archer (Ante Mortem: book 2) What is life if not the sum of all things that occur before we die? Kyri has known her share of loss in the two decades that she has been alive. She never expected to find herself a slave in roman lands, nor did she think she had the heart to become a gladiatrix. Soul shattered, she must fight to see her way back home again. Will she win her freedom and return to all that she has known, or will she become another kind of slave to the killer that has taken over her mind? The only thing that is certain through it all is her love and devotion to Queen Orianna. Then again, certainty can only be found in those that control their own destiny.

Heat and Hunger

They meet, and they melt.

Love Thy Neighbor

Uber fanfic about a woman who moves into her new apartment and falls for her neighbor.

My Life as Cheese

Two women who meet at a softball game, realize they are neighbors, then become friends and more.

Return of the Queen

There is a strength that lies in loss, and loss comes to all with enough time. Gabrielle struggles with Xena's death in the years following the events in Jappa. When she reaches the breaking point of her grief, a very good friend suggests reconnecting with the Amazons. What she learns about herself will shape the future, and become a tale to be told for generations to follow.

Life In Fugue Series

Running from Forever

Sarah Colby has always run from commitment. But after more than a year on the road following her musical dreams, even she yearns for a little stability. Her sister Annie is only too happy to welcome her back home. When she meets her Annie's boss, Nobel Keller, she's immediately drawn to the woman's youthful good looks and dangerous charisma. The first night together leaves Sarah aching for more, but the second shows her the true price of passion. It's a dark secret that will either keep them apart forever, or cost her everything she's ever known.

Beyond Perpetuity

This is the sequel to Running From Forever Sarah Colby is a musician, teacher, lover, sister, and... so much more. In the past year she learned that sometimes life takes you places you never even knew existed. For Sarah and her sister Annie, they found out that not only were the monsters real, but sometimes you loved them. Now the Colby sisters and their friends are being targeted by someone with a grudge. They much solve the mystery of who is attacking the people of Columbus or risk losing all that they hold dear. Nobel Keller is with them through it all but will she bring salvation or merely the end of their lives in Columbus?

Starting Over

A budding friendship between a lonely woman named Julie and a cabby named Cat.

Moving On

The sequel to Starting Over where the friendship between Julie and Cat turns into a budding romance.