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Kim Baldwin

Last Updated:  9/7/2005


Beth Williams regrets her decision to take that shortcut on the map, when a blizzard drives her off the road and leaves her in a perilous situation. Trapped by the storm in a stranger's home, she discovers she has much in common with her host. And that's even before they begin compare tastes in reading material.

Blown Away   ebook version available

A muggy spring day in Michigan unleashes a fury of tornados. Two women are in the path of one of them: volunteer firefighter Gable McCoy and teacher Erin Richards.

Fire And Ice   ebook version available

In this sequel to Blown Away, volunteer firefighters Gable McCoy and Erin Richards face new perils on the job and in their relationship.

Second Wind

The third installment in the story of Gable McCoy and Erin Richards that began with Blown Away and continued in Fire And Ice. One year after the tornado that brought them together, Gable and Erin plan to tie the knot. But nothing with these two ever goes smoothly

The Camp Reunion

Kerry is full of nervous anticipation as she nears the place that harbors her most precious growing-up memories: the all-girls camp where she spent every summer until she graduated college. She didn't realize it back then, but it was also the place where she met the woman she believes is her soulmate. The question is, will the object of her long-held crush attend the upcoming Camp Reunion? And if she does, can the chemistry that bonded them as best friends be rekindled into something more?

Caught In The Storm

Marcy Winchester resigned herself to a solitary existence when she moved to a remote cabin in the North Woods. But a sudden storm brings a familiar face back into her life, and ignites a fire within her she thought long dead.

The Rescue   ebook version available

A gregarious travel writer runs into trouble during a kayaking adventure off the coast of Nova Scotia, and the experience sends her life in a whole new direction.

A Slice Of Heaven   ebook version available

Floodwaters strand TV reporter Lindsey Carter in a town too small for a stoplight, but she's not complaining. Meriwether may not have much, but it has a killer cafe and one scrumptious librarian.

Whitewater Rendevous   ebook version available

Forced together during a wilderness adventure on a remote Canadian river, a shy and solitary kayak guide does everything she can to fight her inexplicable attraction to one of her clients-a workaholic redhead who seems to invite disaster wherever she goes.