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Kim Phoenix

Last Updated:  11/4/2013

Blue Furred   [Incomplete]

Three thousand years and beasts dominate the world. Technology is long forgotten, but magic is surfacing to change what is now to what it used to be. With Thomas cooped in a deep valley, she strives to find the things she lost.

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Forbidden History

Hanami's destiny is changed as a broken woman enters her life. Their meeting will set forth a change that will be felt throughout the empire. A sword holds the key which will unlock the chains that bind them. A song will forever be heard as their hearts beat as one. As the time of succession nears, will the two souls be able to overcome the masses and find their way to each other?


Moon, Sun and Stars

Being gifted with magic is a blessing and a curse for Talia. She has lived her life running from the scorn that people show her but now she works for a formidable organisation. Blaming herself for past mistakes, fate binds tightly around her to become something that she had lost long before she could even remember.

Moon, Sun and Stars II: Life of an Immortal

For every action there is a consequence. Yoshiko will find that saying more than just words. Chaos runs rampant through the mortal realm. Lives are on the line as she tries to restore balance. However her past slams into her and she is left to decide… the fate of the guardians rest in her hands.


Miki always attended the best parties and now she was determined that her workaholic friend would have the time of her life. Being ‘Plus one' to a party never ends well but for Rani, this night will not only change her future but bring to bear a past that was unheard of.

Spirts of the Ancients

Energy, magic and Gods galore… What will a warrior do when she is faced with all three? With only a mysterious blade in her possession and a loyal friend to accompany her, she returns home to see what the Queen of Ardious has summoned her for. Only to find more questions than answers, the Gods intervene and she is left to fix their mistakes while learning who she truly is.