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Last Updated:  10/1/2012

All Over Again

What if the only thing that makes sense in your life is the one thing that shouldn't? Through what odds will you keep fighting to stay together? Two Art Academy seniors are put to the test at life versus love.

Haven   [Incomplete]

Hayden Oliver returns to her hometown, trying to overcome a tragedy. Maddie Conner finds some sort of refuge in a small town. When their worlds collide, will they be able to go on without crossing any boundaries? something. Can Kennedy get it right when she doesn't really have a clue?

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The Reunion

Jamie Singer lost everything. Her job and her girlfriend of seven years. This is the one night she can correct the biggest mistake of her life. Will she succeed?

The New Dawn

This is sequel to The Reunion. It has been over a year since Jamie had changed her life around with Parker. And now she has to overcome her own internal battles before drastic changes are to present themselves...