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Last Updated:  1/5/2011

The Oil of Lanius

Reunited after the Bard’s sacrifice, Xena and Gabrielle face more heartache as Xena’s darkness is cruelly exploited and unleashed. (No Alti or India)

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Long Shadows Past

Sequel to Oil of Lanius. Xena and Gabrielle are settled in the Amazon village awaiting the birth of Gabrielle’s child, but that doesn’t stop trouble finding them; including a personality from Xena’s past that threatens their future.

Journey of Discovery

Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with Xena's heritage, a bard's festival and sick Amazons as well as Gabrielle finally giving birth.

Journey of Discovery 2

In this final installment, our favourite duo are adapting as life as a trio but scores will be settled and old enemies will return with devastating consequences.


This fan fiction is set immediately after Xena disappears from Gabrielle's sight on Mount Fuji during FIN 2. Xena is made aware of the consequences of her decision in Jappa.

Somewhere Only We Know

This fiction takes place after Motherhood. Xena is determined to get to the bottom of what is bothering Gabrielle and is stunned by the bard's confession.